Research & Audits

Whether you're making a business case for investment or simply trying to understand why your digital marketing efforts aren't delivering, the first step is level-setting your current efforts.

Current Site Audit

RothCo Media will perform a comprehensive audit of your current site, measuring layout, content, usability, and brand consistency against best practices.

This audit will also include a comprehensive documentation of your site information architecture (aka site map), content types, and supporting technical systems.

Competitor Audit

Conventional wisdom says your site is never "done," but it's still important to measure its effectiveness against the competition. Whether you're trying to catch up or maintain a leadership position in your market, it's always helpful to know what your competition is up to.

We'll benchmark your site against your competitors, measuring for message, usability, design consistency, and more.

User & Stakeholder Surveys

It's often said you don't know what people think of you until they're asked by someone else. We'll find out what your audiences think of your site through online surveys, in-person or phone-based interviews, and "social listening."

In order to help create alignment within your organization we'll do the same thing with your key internal stakeholders to find out what they really need from your digital marketing efforts.

Usability & Site Organization Testing

Sometimes all your site needs is a little attention to the details that make it usable. Whether you're planning to rebuild the site in its entirety or simply execute some optimization work, we can help you identify what's working, and what's confusing your users.

RothCo Media will run usability tests with real users to understand how they interact with your site pages, navigation, and content.

Additional Services


You've got all the industry knowledge and expertise within your organization, but aligning your team on a common goal can be challenging.

RothCo Media will help you organize your content, goals, and methods.

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Planning & Design

Whether you're redesigning or building from scratch, the effort can be overwhelming. RFP writing and vendor selection, managing internal expectations and planning for the work ahead, or redesigning  your site–we can help.

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