You've got all the industry expertise within the walls of your organization, but getting everyone on the same page can be challenging. Our workshops are designed to provide you with the alignment and clarity needed to accelerate your digital marketing efforts.

Services Organization

If you're a business that has grown by acquisition there's a good chance the organization of your services and industries is a little confusing. If it's confusing to you it's definitely confusing visitors to your website.

We'll guide you through a collaborative process which will organize these important pieces of your marketing mix, and in the process equip you with a framework for thinking about how new offerings can fit in as you grow.

Persona Definition

Who are you marketing to? If this is an open question then odds are you're not fully connecting with your audience. While personas  can be organized into groups, these groups have important differences and similarities. What are their goals? What context do they bring with them when they visit your site? What challenges do they face?

We can help. Our workshop will guide you through the identification and definition of the audiences who matter most.

Content Characteristics

Today's successful marketers think like publishers. Offering your audience the benefits of your thought leadership establishes you as an authority, and keeps them coming back to your site.

The challenge is organizing all of this content. RothCo Media will walk you through an interactive taxonomy exercise that will equip you with the tools to manage your content in ways that are comprehensive, easy, and scalable.

Journey Mapping

You've identified the audiences that matter most to your business, and you've got a pretty good idea of what you want them to do. Now what? We'll lead you through an interactive exercise that identifies the ways your audience becomes aware of you, interacts with your digital properties, and accomplishes their goals.

Mapping an ideal journey from awareness to meaningful engagement can bring focus to your marketing investment, helping to identify the most effective areas to invest your marketing budget.

Content Governance

Who creates your content, who edits it, who approves it, and who posts it? You may have an editorial schedule to manage the posting of new content on your site, but what about a plan for retiring that content when it's no longer having an impact?

If you don't currently have a holistic approach to content governance you shouldn't feel bad, because you're not alone. Our content governance workshop will identify the key players, the steps in the process to make the work flow easily, and the types of internal communication needed for on boarding and guidance for everyone who's involved.

Goal Identification

When asked "what does success for this project look like?" many marketers will say "to finish the project." Being able to identify clear marketing goals and the tactics to deliver on them can make the difference between being recognized for your effort and a simple "thanks for getting that done."

Our goal identification workshop will equip you with an 18 - 24 month view of your marketing goals and map those goals to actionable digital tactics. Recognizing ROI means being clear about the KPI - we'll help you make that clear.

Additional Services

Research & Audits

Whether you're making a business case for investment or simply trying to understand why your digital marketing efforts aren't delivering, the first step is level-setting your current efforts.

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Planning & Design

Whether you're redesigning or building from scratch, the effort can be overwhelming. RFP writing and vendor selection, managing internal expectations and planning for the work ahead, or redesigning  your site–we can help.

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